Sourced from our naturally regenerating manuka bush in Northland, New Zealand.

Our honey is not available in stores. Premium honey membership coming soon.

He kai kei aku ringa
There is food at the end of my hands

Kaihoko means merchant or trader in Māori. 
Māori were entrepreneurs well before European colonisation occurred and traded internationally throughout the first half of the 19th century.

“He kai kei aku ringa” is a whakatauki (proverb) reflecting the resilience and economic self-determination of Māori.


Traditionally the koru has symbolised new life and growth and we have used it here as a symbol of the newness of this venture and innovation. The mangopare which stands for strength and determination, is displayed in opposing directions and symbolises the ‘exchange of value or trade. We also like the connection of the mangopare to the sea, providing a reference to Maori trade heritage.


Both the seal and the signature have been used as forms of proving identity and intent. Our ancestors often used their moko as a form of identification. The circular nature of the tohu forms a ‘seal’ on the documents and products it adorns and in a similar way acts as a guarantee of Te Kaihoko.

Who Are We?

We are a New Zealand-based international trading company with offices in Tutukaka and Auckland. 

Currently, we trade the highest grade produce from around the world to chef’s in restaurants and resorts. Our hero product is Manuka Honey, which we as Māori have been using for generations. We aim to provide the highest quality produce sourced directly. Sustainability is key to our business.

We are a Māori-owned and operated business, created in 2018 to promote Māori economic development.
After years in Iwi (tribal) leadership we decided to branch out and create the change required to support our people into the next stages of development on their pathways to self-determination.​


A dynamic, united and thriving whānau


To strengthen the wellbeing and prosperity of whānau


The cultural foundation upon which our values sit is our pride in, and adherence to, the tikanga of our tupuna (ancestors)


Our focus is on enabling the whānau and promoting levels of wellbeing and prosperity. We want to help create real results for whānau


Together the whānau are strong. By standing as one we can create scale to enhance our performance as people socially, culturally and economically


Reciprocal honesty, trust and respect govern our thinking and conduct towards others and one another. These are the principals handed down to us by our tupuna, he tika, he pono


Recognising that whānau want real opportunities. Focusing on pragmatic outcomes that contribute in a practical way to the ongoing growth and prosperity of our whānau, today and tomorrow


Responding nimbly to the ever changing world of our whānau. Realising new opportunities as they present themselves. Whilst staying present to the lives, needs and expectations of the whanau

Our honey has been cultivated with aroha and care – our bees are at the centre of our business

Our Whenua (Our Land)

From the rugged, untouched Northland region of New Zealand. Our spectacular yet diverse coastlines, marine reserves, kauri forests, naturally regenerating bush and two oceans that collide make Northland an ideal location for our bees to make their delicious honey.

Our hives are situated on our ancestoral lands which span from the east to the west coast of Aotearoa (New Zealand). Historically our tupuna (ancestors) used honey as an antibiotic and healing cream. Our lack of development has been a blessing on our whenua (lands) and now they are covered in naturally regenerating Manuka bush in Northland.  Our tupuna have blessed our lands and our bee’s and all that grows on it.

Sustainability & Harvesting

We place our bee’s at the centre of our business.  Our bee’s fly up to a 6km radius to find premium nectar. Harvesting is a tough job and it gets us up before 5am in rain, hail or shine.  Our harvesters work hard with respect and aroha (love) for our bee’s and their environments to deliver you our taonga (treasure), Te Kaihoko Manuka Honey.
From our people to yours.

Quality and Testing MGO Rating

We have our Manuka Honey tested and rated to ensure you only receive premium Manuka Honey.  The MGO rating is the amount of Methylglyoxal in each jar and is independently tested.

Premium quality and high MGO rated Manuka honey

Our premium honey is not available in stores, you will find our Manuka honey used in high end hotel chains and resorts, health retreats, and by chefs in high end restaurants.

Our Whānau (Our Team)

Phillip Ngawaka

Phillip is of Ngāti Wai descent with a background in Construction and Maori Economic Development. 
Phillip successfully runs various family owned businesses and recently was the Vice-Chairman of Ngāti Wai Trust Board. Phillip’s strengths are in Leadership, Governance, Strategy and Maori Economic Development. 
Phillip’s passions are his whānau and his people and is highly motivated to succeed in anything he puts his mind to.

Melanie Catanuto

Melanie (Oriwa Heremaia-Kuri) is of Ngapuhi and Ngaiterangi descent. Melanie’s tupuna (ancestor) Heremaia-Kuri was the village Tohunga (medicine doctor), who used honey as an antibiotic and healing cream.
She is very passionate about her culture and heritage, quality produce and Maori Economic Development. 
Melanie has 14 years Asset Management experience in Europe, USA and Middle East. 

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